About us

Newton, since 2000

Newton S.r.l.

We’ve establish this independent testing laboratory in 2000.

Headquarter : Via G. di Vittorio 2/D - 20017 Mazzo di Rho (MI) - ITALIA

Social capital fully payd : € 45.900
REA : MI - 1630149
VAT nbr : 02778240164

Tel. : +39 02 9390 6088
Fax. : +39 02 9390 6075
e-mail : info@newtonlab.it

ISO and Ministry accreditations

Newton is now operating according to some European and not European standards in the fields of helmets and visors for drivers of motor cycles, for bicycle riders, for skiers, for equestrian use, industrial safety helmets, industrial bump caps, personal protective equipments, optics measurement, motor cycles components(tanks, brakes, test on tracks ...), automotive components.

Due to our competence and good organization and thanks to our agreements with prime notified bodies, you can take benefit from a very quick, efficient service.

FIA, SFI-USA, TUV ISO accreditations

Newton is accredited ISO 17025 by SINAL (ref. SINAL accreditation n. 0776, www.sinal.it for all the list of the accredited tests).

Newton has been recently accredited by FIA to complete the FIA8862 certification tests on the advanced racing seats and by SFI Organization – USA to complete the certification of the helmets.


The Italian wind tunnel