Personal protective equipment

Newton has been accredited as technical service to perform tests on behalf of the notified bodies Italcert, Istituto Masini and SNCH (Société Nationale d'Homologation et de Certification).

Newton is involved in the field of activity of the mechanical and optic tests necessary to the checking and certification of the equipment that protect the head, the eyes, the face and the body according the directive 89/686/CEE.

More precisely Newton is conducting tests valid for the certification of the following personal protective equipment:

  • helmets for pedal cyclists and for users of skateboards and roller skates
  • helmets for equestrian activities
  • helmets for alpine skiers
  • head protectors for ice hockey players
  • helmets for canoeing and white waters sports
  • helmets for fire-fighters
  • helmets for mountaineers
  • industrial safety helmets
  • industrial bump caps
  • helmets for airborne sports
  • motorcyclists’ protective clothing against mechanical impact
  • personal eye-protection
  • personal face protection
  • visor for fire fighters
  • ski goggles for downhill skiing
  • goggles for motorcycle and moped users
  • ballistic tests according EN, STANAG, MIL, ANSI standards

Personal protective equipment Personal protective equipment testing Personal protective equipment testing