Homologation of motorbike
  (DIR. 2002/24/CE)

Using the testing service of Newton it is possible to get the E3 homologation through the authority of the Italian Ministry of transportation of motorbike and motobike component according the European DIR. 2002/24/CE and the following standards.

  • DIR. 93/14/CEE: breakings
  • DIR. 93/29/CEE: commands and lights
  • DIR. 93/31/CEE: motorbike stand
  • DIR. 93/32/CEE: handle for passenger
  • DIR. 93/93/CEE: wheight and dimensions
  • DIR. 93/94/CEE: rear plate
  • DIR. 95/1/CE: maximum speed
  • DIR. 97/24/CE: tank

Homologation of motorbike Homologation of motorbike Homologation of motorbike